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ACDSee Photo Editor 17.0 Build 41
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ACDSee Photo Editor 17.0 Build 41

ACDSee Photo Editor to program przeznaczona do szybkiej i efektownej obróbki zdjęć cyfrowych. Program oferuje szereg narzędzi i filtrów, za pomocą których można całkowicie zmienić wygląd danego zdjęcia. ACDSee posiada takie funkcje jak: usuwanie efektu czerwonych oczu, ożywianie kolorów, automatyczne wyostrzanie obrazu, ustawianie balansów kolorów, kontrastów itp.

4 Komentarze
Dodany 08.10.2013 przez Daro
Napisał Ziggy - 2016-08-13 06:02:11
I much prefer inivamrtfoe articles like this to that high brow literature.
Napisał Jacques - 2015-11-26 13:22:42
Hm. Try searching for video carames under $200 that are flip-style. The Kodak Zi8 is one that many popular YouTubers use and it's HD. There are many choices, though. If it would be a cool feature, Sanyo has some water-proof carames. Try the links
Napisał Viktoria - 2015-11-26 12:40:11
Even on a digital coamcrder, it will still record the data to a tape. It's not film, but a magnetic tape. Memory cards are more in fashion now, but tapes are still one of the cheapest and easiest formats for storing the video. I personally have experience only with importing with mac in this case, but it worked quite well. Using iMovie and a firewire connection, it's actually very easy to import from the camera. Or, an easier option might be to get your hands on a newer, working camera with the same tape size (Mini DV or High8, probably) and use that camera to import the tape to the computer. That is, if all you want to do is salvage the tape. You'd probably be better off looking for an inexpensive used but working camera on ebay or something.
Napisał Abran - 2015-02-06 07:30:51
Mine are stored clognolroicahly and then by event. Still looking for the right system for tracking what is printed and what isn't. All the many years of photos, prior to digital, are in boxes and drawers. Maybe someday
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