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Azureus Vuze
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Kerio WinRoute Firewall 8.2.0 Build 1334

Kerio WinRoute Firewall doskonale radzi sobie w specjalistycznych instalacjach na skomplikowanej strukturze szkieletowej sieci. Może być wyposażony w opcjonalne rozwiązania antywirusowe, m.in.: McAfee Anti-Virus. Program zapewnia wielowarstwową architekturę zabezpieczającą sieci, serwery oraz użytkowników.

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Dodany 13.11.2013 przez Daro
Napisał Tatiane - 2015-11-26 14:33:08
Quote: The Microsoft-Novell agreement is a great cayaltst to helping us reduce the complexity of our Linux environment as we standardize our Linux infrastructure with Suse Linux Enterprise and continue to extend the use of Microsoft Active Directory, Why would they continue to use a half-arsed, wanna-be directory system like AD, when they could use a real, robust, relatively un-hidden directory like eDirectory? And if Novell and MS truly HAVE managed to create an AD-eDir sync that actually works without requiring 4 servers and 3 gurus, then not even Exchange is a reason to stick with AD.
Napisał Julie - 2015-11-26 14:04:40
I found this article of isenrett as MS sold me on SBS years ago and I've not looked back since. Granted, the installations I have in place still today are all on SBS 2003, but the product works and still does everything the business owner wants and needs. I really see no reason to toss it even though MS seems to think so. The idea of dropping this like they are also dropping TMG bothers me as when they sold this to me, they were clear that they wanted the Small Business Market and they got it. Now it seems they want to drop that, and this bothers me. Anyway, I have not looked at Novell Since something like 2.2 rev 3 or something like that as it really has been about 15 or more years since those days, but back then I was running a multi-node (Dial up) BBS system and having my Novell server up and operational for more than one year (without rebooting) was not uncommon. I am fully aware that Novell does not carry the weight it once did, but would anyone be following Novell these days and if so, how would they rate for a SBS replacement. I for one based on previous experience would not have a problem going back down that road as I pointed out, the system was stable.
Napisał Akonsift - 2015-02-05 14:44:21
Hi Matt,The ROI obviously dedpnes on what services you are using already. If you take an example of the typical hosted exchange solution which in the US is $12.99 per month per user. The savings are over $105 per user per year when just looking at the email service. With Google Apps it's actually the enhanced productivity of the platform that brings in the substantial savings. Majority of adopters find they gain better productivity by using Docs, Calendar and other integrated tools from the Enterprise Marketplace. We've actually just moved a number of Brokers in VA and it's the flexibility and availability of the solution that they love.TimAmplified IT
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